Bengal Karate Academy & KUDO Association West Bengal (KAWB)

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Achievements & Activities

  1. Organization of Training Camps by eminent Karate Training/Instructors:
    Shito Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do Special Training Camps and Kata Seminar 2009 & 2010 were organized at Siliguri where among other karate starlwarts Shihan Bharat Sharma (Black Belt 6th Dan) attended and conducted the camps.

  2. Arrangement and Conduction of Karate Tournaments:
    Different tournaments and competitions on Karate and Kata were organized with the presence and guidance of eminent karate experts.

  3. Arrangement for Participation in Tournaments:
    Efforts are always being made for arrangement for participation of karateka`s (karate students) in different tournaments held in home or aboard. Students were taken to Delhi for participation in Asia Cup Tournament in 2008.  Our students also took part in a competition held in Nepal in 2006.

  4. Arrangements for Examinations for Promotion of Candidates:
    Those who are regular in our training centers are allowed to sit for time to time exams for promotion of their ranks with certificates.  The exams are conducted by a group of expert teacher/instructors. Special care and monitoring are taken so that in no way their general education is hampered by our karate activities.

  5. Setting-Up of Karate training centers:
    In order to promote this very useful Martial Arts like karate even in remote areas we give much emphasis on the necessity of setting-up of more and more karate training centers. A part from opening a good number of karate training centers in different areas, we have already opened some units in some Schools, Colleges and B.S.F. Camps.

  6. Arrangement for creating Experts/Judges/Officials:
    With the expansion of training centers for promoting karate even among the rural people, more and more Experts, Judges or Officials are needed for conducting exams and tournaments. So we are doing arrangements for creating Experts, Judges and Officials.

  7. Akshay Kumar International Karate Championship
    Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai
  8. Akshay Kumar 6th invitational Kudo Championship
    Date 11th to 14th Sept 2014, venue at Andheri Sport Complex, West Mumbai

Our Welfare Activities

  1. Arrangement for Blood Donation Camp
    Bengal Karate Academy organizes Blood Donation Camps to serve people in need.

  2. Free Coaching:
    Karateka`s belonging to very poor families are allowed to take free coaching from the karate training centers. At least 15 students can take training from a unit free of fees.

  3. Distribution of Books:
    Others than poor karate students are also supplied with text books free of cost by our Academy.

  4. Distribution of Blankets,Clothes etc:
    The academy distributes blankets and warm clothes among the poor but needy people.

  5. Free Medical Check-Up:
    Our academy organizes free medical check-up camps for people in general.



A part from promoting karate and its multi-purpose activities among people in general, Bengal Karate Academy is always ready to continue its Welfare activities as well.