Bengal Karate Academy & KUDO Association West Bengal (KAWB)

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The Founder

Sensei Sahadev Barman was born on 27th June,1972 in Siliguri.In 1980 at the age of only eight he, out of keen interest in karate, began to practice this game of Martial Art. He was awarded Black Belt 1st Dan, from Shotokan Karate style in the year 1990. In the same year he participated in All India Open Karate Championship representing North Bengal as captain.

In 1992 he joined Shito Ryu Style and obtained  Black belt 2nd Dan. He participated in National Selection, Mysore, in 1996 to compete in the World championship most unfortunately he had remain outside the National Selection as the ligament tissue of his right leg was effected badly & consequently it took him 2 years to come back to  the main stream. While participating in National Selection held in Mysore, India, Sensei Barman was praised and patronized by Shihan Wong Tuang Seng and Shihan N.S. Anwar world famous in Martial Arts.

For the first time he introduced the Shito Ryu style to the plain area and only after his tireless effort this style is now prevalent almost everywhere in North Bengal. A good number of Karate championships was organized by him at several venues. North Bengal championships were been organized under his supervision since 1995 and it continued upto 7th North Bengal championship 2003. In 2007  Mr. Barman came in  close contact with Shihan Bharat Sharma an adopted his Shito Ryu Seiko Kai style. He became the chief instructor of `Shito Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do West Bengal ` soon after his meeting with Shihan Bharat Sharma in 2007. In 2008 he led the Bengal  team of `Shito Ryu Seiko Kai Karate` to participate  in first Seiko Kai Asia Cup Karate Championship held in New Delhi  where he meet Shihan Akira Sato and was awarded Black Belt 3rd Dan under his guidance. After that in 2010 he was awarded Black Belt 4th Dan by Shihan Bharat Sharma.

On 2011 Sensei S.D Barman was introduced with Soshihan Mehul Vora in Mumbai, who is 7th Dan Black Belt from U.S.A & 7th Dan Black Belt from Japan, International Kick Boxer, Karv Maga Coach and 3rd Dan Black Belt AIKI JUJUTSU, also President of Nippon, Budo, Sugo and Kudo of India and Shihan Akshay Kumar (The Bollywood Superstar) is the Chairman of Kudo International Federation of India. On 2014 Sensei S.D Barman has been selected as a state President of KUDO Association of West Bengal and Style Chief & State President of NIPPON, BUDO & SOGO WEST BENGAL by Soshihan Mehul Vora

Sensei Designation
Chief Instructor and Secretary of Bengal Karate Academy
State President of Kudo Association of West Bengal
Style Chief and State President of Nippon budo sogo
Physical Instructor East Bengal Football Club North Bengal Branch
Physical Instructor of Siliguri Table Tennis Academy