Bengal Karate Academy & KUDO Association West Bengal (KAWB)

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Karate for All

Like "Education for all", Bengal Karate Academy believes in "Karate for All" and to implement this view and promote this Martial Arts in every individual, the academy is opening its units both in urban and rural areas irrespective of caste and religions. Karate builds health and character forms good habbits and manners, maintains communal harmony and universal brotherhood and above all, karate develops fighting and defensive spirit, dynamism, discipline, skill, stamina, respect to elders and devotion to God.

Karate Tips

  1. Karate always starts with a block. Never attack first.
  2. Karate requires a good spirit/soul. It is not just a physical or mental art.
  3. Always keep your patience or tolerance level high
  4. Give half of your alloted time for physical exercise and the next half for karate practice.
  5. Always follow the way of peace, justice and humanity.
  6. Always remember that “Karate is like a flower sometimes soft sometimes fierce”.
  7. Continue your practice till perfection.
  8. Concentrate first on getting the order of the kata correct.
  9. Beware of that man whose Martial Art going to be darkness.